What is 440 Live Ticket?

440 Live Ticket is a modern, safe and reliable platform, in which you can offer to your audience a great experience with the simplicity of a secure purchase and fast accreditation through our platform.

It is the simplest and most reliable way to sell tickets and register participants for any type of event. Our technology connects millions of people with a huge base of events around the world.

With a robust and secure payment gateway that accepts all major credit cards. 440 Live Ticket solves the problem of selling tickets for your event.

Get your audience together.

Go further and impact your audience wherever. It even continues to market your event after it ends. Our platform allows you to record the broadcast and leave it to the viewers who have purchased their tickets before, during and after the show.

Broadcast to thousands of followers without worrying about the broadcast bandwidth. 440 Live Ticket works under the YouTube platform to broadcast the event live or recorded to your audience. 


440 Live Ticket offer you a technology platform at your disposal, for all kinds of Online events. Event producers, content creators, music bands, etc. You can enjoy the advantages of promoting your event through our platform.

The 440 Live Ticket fee is transparent.

1$ per ticket sold on tickets price less than 30$.

2$ per ticket sold on tickets price between 30$- 44$

3$ per ticket sold on tickets price 45$ or more.

Example: You want to sell your tickets on a price of 15$. We sell the tickets on a price 16$.

Can I advertise my free event?

Yes, you can announce your free event with us. 440 Live Ticket offers to the producers the function of tips or donations. In which your public chooses what will be the amount to pay for the tickets.

Thus allowing to monetize your free event. 

Does my free event have to pay fees?

440 Live Ticket offers producers of free events the opportunity to reach their audience, with the same advantages that we offer for paid events.

The broadcast of the same through 440 Live Ticket has a charge of 20$ per event


440 Live Ticket offers producers the option of tips or donations, where it is the public who decides the price of admission to the event.

For this option, the fee charge will be 33% of the total amount  collected by tips or donations.



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